Today I am gonna walk you through setting up Pinky's-Palace-V0 in VirtualBox. First you are going to want to install VirtualBox on whatever OS you are running. Next download Pinky's-Palace-Easy and save the file.


Now open up VirtualBox, and goto File->Import Appliance. Now import Pinky's-Palace-Easy.ova.


Click next, then click import. Now Pinky's-Palace-Easy is being imported to VirtualBox. Once its finished click on the VM and go to Settings->Network. Now make sure the network adapter is set to "Bridged Adapter" next make sure the "Name" is set to your computer's actual adapter in my case it is "enp3s0". Click Ok and you are ready to start the VM.


Go ahead and start it up once the CTF has fully boots up it should display its assigned IPv4 on your LAN. Have fun Attacking!